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Steel – strength, sustainability, endurance

PLAKA Group designs and manufactures a range of construction accessories of different resources. Our products manufactured from stainless steel has a life-long endurance throughout the life of the structure. Many other PLAKA products  from the wide portfolio support sustainable buildings as well. 
For example our thermal layer solution ISOTEC, for concrete reinforcements, ensures the continuity of the insulation of buildings. ISOTEC is a known PLAKA product that ensures a durable, sustainable isolating layer between concrete reinforcements. ISOTEC makes an excellent thermal break possible. The cold bridge is strongly reduced, in such a way that large thermal losses can be avoided. 
ISOTEC is a reliable and durable product, where the possibility of moisture problems or possible mold are things of the past. This durable product ensures an isolated fixation, making your structures more sustainable in the process.

Efficient production – continuous improvement 

Operational Excellence is the driving force behind the efficiency and ongoing improvement of our production processes. Our operational excellence programme helps PLAKA continuously improve the quality of our products reducing waste, operating cost and delivery time on site.
By day to day process improvement PLAKA strives for sustainable growth keeping the company in the forefront of our market segments with respect for environmental and economic fast changing conditions. 
The PLAKA Group’s product development strategy is also targeted on more sustainable product solutions for the different market segment we operates in.


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