Our Mission

The PLAKA Group sees itself as a reliable partner in building site solutions, providing great services and qualitative product solutions, and aims to strive for optimal service to all our customers.

Our vision is to continue to be a leading supplier of building site solutions throughout Europe. We will achieve this by providing quality building materials to our customers and supply them with superior service and technical advice, using proper plant and equipment in a safe, healthy and environmentally compliant way.

“Be a leading supplier of building site solutions throughout Europe”

We will stick to our core business and products giving excellent value to our customer whilst making maximum use of modern technology and innovative processes. The PLAKA Group sees development of new products as a critical process to the progress of our Group, where our companies and employees are encouraged to share their ideas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best services and product solutions to help them construct a sound and reliable building, infrastructure or acoustic solution for their clients. Our goal is to work closely with our customers, giving them personal advice, technical solutions, and a quality product, so that together, we can work to a common goal.

Our Commitment


We believe that by offering high service and great product solutions, we can help our customers to build qualitative and sound buildings, infrastructure and acoustic solutions for their clients.


The continuous and sustainable development of the PLAKA Group in Europe and Export markets through prudent financial management in line with the policies of our parent company CRH plc.


We will be a responsible neighbour in the communities in which we operate and deliver on our social responsibilities, focused on Health & Safety and Sustainable product development. 

Technically & products

Through CRH plc’s vast presence and experience in international markets segments, we want to leverage existing technical know-how and products, allowing us to provide tested, certified and proven products.


Ensuring effective and proactive operations for the sole purpose of satisfying our customers.


Operational excellence: we continue to improve and upgrade our facilities and apply a stringent quality assurance policy on each of our products. Safety comes first.


Complete and on time delivery of our products via availability on stock and an adequate supply.




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