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The PLAKA GROUP started in 1961 with the family business Plakabeton in Belgium – Brussels, producing and selling building site accessories that are used in reinforced concrete constructions and brickwork. Today there are many local operating PLAKA companies all over Europe.

With the production of the STABOX casing and the COUPLER BOX coupling box, the company rapidly developed and orientated itself towards the production and direct sale of its innovative building site solutions like:
  • Angle irons and KORBO brackets for brickwork support.
  • STONEFIX fixings for facing bricks.
  • TITAN dowels for dilatation joints.
  • ISOTEC thermo-break reinforcement elements for the avoidance of thermal bridges.
  • Special formwork PLAKATUBE, RELTEC.
  • PECAFIL formwork for foundations.
  • Waterproof products, such as PVC or rubber joints, hydro-expansive COLMARUB joints, COLMATEC injection tubes,...

The PLAKA GROUP's head office, currently situated in Ternat, Belgium, employs more than 175 people in its various manufacture units and around 65 employees who ensure technical and commercial support to contractors, architects and construction engineers all over Europe.


History of the PLAKA Group

  • 1961 : The PLAKABETON company is founded in Belgium by Claude Meyers. The main activity at the start was formwork
  • 1975 : The PLAKABETON company extend its activities to formwork accessories as plastic and concrete spacers.
  • 1977 : The first establishments are set up in France (Lille and Paris). In the ‘80s-‘90s, other establishments are being set up in Rouen, Lyon, Toulouse and most recently in Nice and Nantes.
  • 1982 : Foundation of COFFRABETON, first production facility for the famous innovative rebend system STABOX
  • 1985 : PLAKABETON eliminate the production of Doka and completely focus on its own accessories production for reinforced concrete production
  • 1990 : Founding of COFFRATEC production facilities in Toulouse in the south of France.
  • 1996 : Start of PLAKABETON in Spain is founded in Barcelona and Madrid.
  • 2000 : Extension of new Plaka agencies Paca and Nantes in France
  • 2003 : PLAKABETON is acquired by CRH plc.
  • 2005 : the number of PLAKABETON workers and employees has increased to 175 in Belgium and 310 on a European level.
  • 2011 - 2012 : PLAKABETON companies all over Europe rebrand the company name PLAKABETON to PLAKA GROUP branding with local entities branded as PLAKA BELGIUM, PLAKA FRANCE, PLAKA SPAIN, PLAKA NETHERLANDS, etc.
  • At present : PLAKA GROUP as part of CRH plc. deliver nowadays a wide portfolio of product solution all over Europe and intercontinental Export markets


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